Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us. CloudDiëtist is here for you.

Who will answer my chat question?

One of our healthcare providers will answer your chat question. If necessary, your question will be forwarded to a general practitioner.

Can CloudDiëtist provide reliable diagnoses?

The questionnaires on have been validated by UMCU, and the platform holds CE certification, indicating compliance with relevant regulations within the European Economic Area.


The owner of, Topicus, is ISO 27001 certified, which means they meet the globally recognized standard for information security. Additionally, Topicus is certified according to NEN7510, ensuring compliance with the Dutch standard for medical data storage. Furthermore, Topicus is actively pursuing MDR certification for, aiming to introduce various automated extensions in the near future.

How long will my chat with CloudDiëtist be kept?

Your chat with CloudDiëtist is saved forever.

Do I always get the same online doctor or a different one each time?

CloudDiëtist operates with general practitioners who work in rotating shifts. As a result, you may not always communicate with the same doctor via CloudDiëtist. However, all general practitioners are specialists and are affiliated with the CloudDiëtist general practice.

Does CloudDiëtist know my entire file?

The general practitioner working at CloudDiëtist can view your file if you, as the patient, have given approval. However, you need to be registered at the CloudDiëtist general practice.

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