Gastric bypass


In the pre-operative phase for gastric sleeve surgery, you must lose weight for several months under the guidance of a dietitian. You will receive a referral letter from the hospital for this purpose. Also, several changes in eating and drinking habits will occur after the surgery. Under the guidance of a dietitian, goals are set, and you are prepared for these changes. A start is made on the new lifestyle. This way, you get used to the pattern that must be maintained after the surgery. Additionally, this approach ensures you are well-nourished entering the surgery.



In the post-operative phase, you will eat a liquid diet for the first two weeks. After this, you will follow the new eating pattern with six protein-rich eating moments per day, which you start working on during the pre-operative phase. The hospital will provide you with general dietary advice. A dietitian can help you adapt to this eating pattern and prevent potential complications such as dumping syndrome.


For a diet for gastric sleeve surgery in both the pre-operative and post-operative phases, we can assist you with tailored nutritional advice.

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