Gut problems

Gastrointestinal complaints include constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal cramps, and abdominal pain. For some people, these occur regularly. This can be very bothersome in daily life. The complaints can have various causes that are sometimes difficult to identify.



A dietitian can help identify a link between the consumed foods and the complaints. These foods can then be replaced to keep the diet complete and at the same time reduce the complaints.


Additionally, a dietitian can help balance the bacteria in the gut flora, for example, with probiotics. Adequate fiber, exercise, hydration, relaxation, and sleep are also important. Together, a suitable and complete diet that reduces the complaints can be looked at. The FODMAP diet may be used when considering irritable bowel syndrome.


Are you interested in a diet for gastrointestinal complaints? We would be happy to guide you with tailored nutritional advice.

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