Underweight occurs when someone consumes less food than they need over some time. A consequence is malnutrition and unwanted weight loss. This can arise from illness or aging, accompanied by reduced appetite. People with underweight are lighter than what is healthy. Because the body receives too little energy and nutrients, it starts using fat reserves and muscles for energy. This leads to the breakdown of fat and muscle tissue. Especially the breakdown of muscles should be prevented as much as possible. With reduced muscle mass, you may feel fatigued more quickly, experience a decrease in resistance and appetite, and it takes longer to recover from illness.



In cases of malnutrition, it is important to get enough energy and protein to prevent the breakdown of muscles. This also involves looking at how to easily consume as much energy and protein as possible. This is adjusted to your eating pattern, making it achievable and applicable for you.


Are you interested in an energy and protein-rich diet? We would be happy to guide you with tailored nutritional advice.

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