Nutrition for children

Because children are in their growing phase, it is important that they receive sufficient nutrients through food and drink. Additionally, this lays the foundation for a healthy and varied eating pattern and thereby a healthy weight.


In children, the growth curve is followed to measure whether a child is growing healthily. Sometimes, a child may deviate from this growth curve, for example, if they are too heavy or too light. For healthy development, it is important to get the line on the curve as close as possible to the green zone.



We do not refer to it as a “diet” for children. Because a child is growing, they need to receive sufficient nutrients for healthy development. In the case of overweight, we do not focus on weight loss but on stabilizing weight and ensuring healthy growth, ultimately leading to a healthy weight for the child’s height. For children with underweight, we focus on enriching their basic diet so that the child gains weight in a healthy manner. Additionally, advice can be given on feeding practices.


Are you interested in a healthy eating pattern for your child? We would be happy to guide you and your child with tailored nutritional advice.

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